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In order to serve our community while operating within epidemic safety guidelines, the MUCL is now offering contactless book and media check-out!

Beginning on June 16 2020, the library will be staffed on
Tuesdays from noon to 4pm.
We cannot allow patrons inside the building at this time, but,
we can leave your book selections outside for you to pick up during these hours.

1.)  To choose your selections,
       (If you need information about how to search our online catalog,
       click the "Our Catalog" tab at the top of this page.)

2.)  Write down the titles/authors of your selections.

3.)  Email your selections to us at  bookcheckout@mucl.net
       Call and tell us at  (814) 542-4572
       between the hours of noon and 4pm on Tuesdays
       (We cannot guarantee that we'll receive messages left on our phone at this time,
       so we encourage you to call only during our staffed hours.)
       Make sure to give us your name and phone number
       so we know who the selections are for and so we can contact you!

4.)  On the next Tuesday, we'll call you
       to let you know when your selections are ready.

5.)  During our staffed hours, come to the door of the library and knock,
       or call to let us know that you've arrived.
       Then, step back from the door.

6.)  We'll set your bagged selections outside for you to pick up.

       Note: if you are renting a DVD, please tuck the dollar fee for each
       into the provided space.  Exact change only please!
       We will not be able to return change at this time.

7.)  If you need to renew your items, please call during staffed hours
       or email us as usual.

8.)  To return your items, just put them in our book drop to the left of our door.

(All items can be checked out again after a sanitisation period.)

We're happy to find a way to be able to serve our community!
Have a safe summer, everyone!