Adopt-An-Author or Adopt-A-Favorite!

Post date: Nov 14, 2019

Hello patrons!

Are you a big James Patterson or Stuart Woods fan?

Stephen King? Beverly Lewis? Wanda Brunstetter?

Do you have a favorite ongoing series?

Want to make sure the MUCL is up-to-date with your favorite?

Or do you have even just one favorite book (or movie, etc.)

that you'd like to share with everyone by making sure

that the library has a copy?

Here's how you can make it happen!

In the Adopt-An-Author program,

You put in a standing order for the latest books by your favorite author

or the latest installments of your favorite series.

Each time one comes out, you reimburse the library for it,

and we'll get it as soon as possible upon release.

In return, you get to read (or listen to, or watch, if you prefer audiobooks or dvds)

first, before anyone else!

In the Adopt-A-Favorite program,

you tell us what book (etc.) you want the library to carry,

and reimburse us when we procure it

(without the standing order for further books/etc.).

And again, you get to read (or listen to or watch) it first!

Favorites don't have to be the newest, just what you really want to share.

If you are interested, contact the library for details.

(We are a 501C3 so your purchase is a tax deduction.)