Humane Society Collection (Ongoing)

Post date: Oct 30, 2019

From the Mount Union Borough Facebook and Mount Union Borough website:

"[As you may know, in September,] we, Mount Union Borough, Mount Union Police Department and the Huntingdon County Humane Society took on a large scale operation of feline removal. After today the Humane Society will house an already overburdened facility with 10 additional cats found living in the piano. This will bring their intake to an additional 40 cats (approx.) [52 from this operation as of 10/29/19] residing at the Humane Society. Many of the felines are very sick, expecting etc. [and need extra help].

"Please consider making a contribution to the HUNTINGDON COUNTY HUMANE SOCIETY. They are requesting gift cards in order to purchase necessary supplies. To donate or adopt you can visit them at

Donation boxes are also in the borough office

"Please! always spay or neuter your pet!"